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Our services also include:

  • Business Strategy

  • Improving Processes

  • Management Development

  • Team Building and Leadership

  • Business Planning

  • Winning and Keeping Customers

  • Economic and Market Research

  • Project Planning and Evaluation

  • Facilitating and Implementing Change

  • Training Needs Analysis


We are experienced consultants, trainers and facilitators and have designed and managed programmes in strategic and business planning, winning and keeping customers and team leadership.

These tailored services have helped a wide range of customers including:

  • Businesses looking to increase profitability
  • Organisations implementing change
  • People feeling the impact of social or economic exclusion
  • Education and training sector
  • Public utilities such as fire and rescue services and government departments
  • Small and medium sized businesses

We have extensive experience of working with organisations in the private, public and voluntary sectors. These include:

  • Businesses-large and small
  • Regional Development Agencies
  • Trade Associations
  • Business development and regeneration agencies
  • Government Departments
  • Local Authorities
  • Learning and Skills Councils
  • Fire & Rescue Services
  • Universities, Colleges and Schools
  • Voluntary Organisations
  • Charities

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