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PinPoint can help in sensitive and difficult situations but typical applications are:

  • SWOT-analysis

  • Strategic planning

  • Project planning and evaluation

  • Training & development

  • Problem solving

  • Conflict resolution

  • Action planning

  • Implementation of management systems

  • Change of culture and organisation

  • Developing workplace teams

  • Generating ideas



Facilitating Change

Good business practice demands a reduction of the time people spend in training and meetings. At the same time, teams and groups must be more effective and innovative. Traditional meetings are often inefficient and one-way rather than participative and inclusive.

Most organisations in the private, public and voluntary sectors need to facilitate group work but frequently lack access to a process that meets their needs

The Pinpoint facilitation process is internationally recognised and has a number of advantages compared to other facilitation processes

  • Minimum time is taken (typically 30% of that taken by other types of consultation or focus group) so it's very cost effective
  • Everybody has influence on discussion and decisions - it is very participative and interactive
  • Problem solving approach
  • Decisions are made and agreed
  • Negative conflict is eliminated
  • People who are verbose or tend to hog the floor are kept in check without loss of input
  • Quiet or shy people are able to contribute ideas and influence
  • Opportunity for visualisation, other forms of right brain stimulation and, where appropriate, accelerated learning techniques
  • Complex issues are simplified
  • Action plans are produced
  • Sessions are recorded visually as they progress allowing a complete record to be provided to participants - usually on CD-Rom but also as a report containing a photographic record of the event.

The PinPoint process has been used successfully during the past few years to support a wide range of organisations and businesses. It is extremely adaptable and delivers effective meetings and workshops for diverse groups and organisations.

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